Compu-toon by Charles Boyce


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  1. WillardMBaker

    WillardMBaker said, over 3 years ago

    That’s the reply I get from my Congressman and Senators.

  2. waykirk

    waykirk said, over 3 years ago

    Me too.

    The political elite dont care about the rest of us, and I live nearby DC in Virginia, the state of Presidents.

    Politicians dont care about anything but being reelected and then becoming lobbyists for the rich and richer after their term is up.

    Too bad. That is the way that it is.

    In my old timers opinion, Harry Truman was the last great President and that was more than sixty-eight years ago.

    JFK might have become great but was cut off in the prime of his life. So was Bobby Kennedy.

    Liberal bias acknowledged.

    You should have been with me in the sixties when our integrated band was run out of Ocean City and our black members were forced to stay on the other side of town at W&L, UVA, and VMI. I stayed with them.

    Don’t believe me? See the The Negro Motorist Green Book where it described where black people could stay in various cities. We should all be ashamed.

    The rest of these Presidential dorks owe their allegiance to the Military Industrial Gang. Or perhaps to a little black dress. And I voted for that guy.

    Too bad, you get what you vote for. And sometimes you dont even get that.

    In spite of the politicians, we still live in the greatest country in the world.

    Thanks for the rant.

    The old and now ancient Sarge

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