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Alley Oop is the classic caveman comic strip revolving around the irrepressible Alley Oop, who travels from prehistoric Moo all the way to the 21st century in his friend Doc Wonmug's time machine.

Alley Oop

Jack and Carole Bender

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Dragons are dangerous creatures---all the stories say so. But after eleven-year-old Alanna accidentally stumbles upon a cave full of dragon eggs, she soon discovers that maybe the stories have it wrong. Visit illustrator/author Jeff Weigel's website

Dragon Girl

Jeff Weigel

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The Gnome Syndicate follows the adventures of agent 13 of the Gnome Syndicate, and his fellow agents. Along for the ride with 13 is his partner, agent Shirley, of the Fairies. While not always seeing eye to eye, the two groups work together to balance good and evil in a world filled with barbarians, princesses, dragons, elves, and all manner of fantastical characters. Cast: Agent 13: Your average gnome, 13 is a good agent for the Gnome Syndicate, but seems to attract trouble and certain female fairies. Agent Shirley: Shirley is 13’s fairy partner, by force at first, but soon realizes how much she likes the guy. She’s a tough agent and fiercely loyal. Chief: The Chief is the main gnome in the syndicate. He calls the shots and tries to keep 13 and the rest of the gnomes on target. Miss Keebler: Miss Keebler is an elf that started at the syndicate as a temp assistant to 13. She’s kind, and very good at her job, although there’s something not quite right about her. Agent 1 “The Todd”: Dressed like a bad 80’s TV show, the number one agent in the Gnome Syndicate is also just the worst. Gladys: Gladys is the gnome bad guys love to hate. Innocent and unassuming, she’ll turn around with a flash of magic before you know what happened. Nigel: Nigel is a blind tortoise that is the most powerful magic user in the syndicate. He’s slow, wise, and extremely powerful. Lord Baddun: Baddun is a dragon-like creature that seems bent on changing the world to suit himself, no matter what the cost. He’s a villain with goals, and that makes him very dangerous.

Gnome Syndicate

David Reddick and Kevin Vassey

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Inspired by the epic poem BEOWULF, Kid Beowulf is an action-adventure story that follows twin brothers Beowulf and Grendel as they travel across distant lands and meet fellow epic heroes therein!

Kid Beowulf

Alexis E. Fajardo

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Stories from Murderville, and other shady neighborhoods. Visit

Lay Lines

Carol Lay

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Liberty Meadows is the very popular strip by Frank Cho. Featuring talking animals and dimwitted humans, Liberty Meadows is hilarious. While the humans worry about the development of the various animals, no one is having more fun than the animals themselves. Laugh with these animals as they have adventures, fantasies, and animal group therapy.

Liberty Meadows

Frank Cho

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Most children would be terrified by monsters under the bed, rogue cyborgs, destructive aliens and dicey nuclear experiments. But Lio is not your average kid. Mark Tatulli renders this pantomime strip in a pen-and-ink style that matches the strips' dark humor and imaginative spirit.


Mark Tatulli

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When Karl moves to Japan with his family and finds a magical raccoon spirit, fitting into a new life becomes even more challenging. Join the adventure as we discover that living in Japan ain’t easy but it sure can be fun! New comics update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in color. Khalid Birdsong lived in Osaka, Japan for two years teaching English and goes back once a year to visit his wife’s family. Living abroad inspired him to start drawing the original Fried Chicken and Sushi webcomic at loosely based on his experiences. Little FC&S gives him a chance to see what his characters would be like in fourth grade attending an international school together. He’s always wanted to give the raccoon spirit, Tanuki, more of a role in the strip and creating this comic really brings his dream to life. CAST INFO: Karl- Karl is a kindhearted but shy fourth grader who desperately wants to fit in and spend time with the girl he has a crush on. Karl enjoys playing with toys and making puppets. One part of him wants to be cool and the other part wants to be a geek. Tanuki- Tanuki is a magical raccoon dog spirit who loves to eat and cause trouble whenever he can. He’s still learning his magic so he can use it to help, and sometimes, hurt his owner Karl. J- J is a calm, cool and confident friend who never sweats the small stuff. It’s the big major stuff that can upset J. He enjoys watching movies and doing martial arts. He likes to see the humor in life and he’s not afraid to laugh. Hachiro- Hachiro is Japanese but he spent several years living in the U.S. before moving back to Osaka. He loves reading about the paranormal and he’s fascinated by magic. Hachiro has a fear of many things but he sticks by his friends through thick and thin. Ryan- Ryan is the popular kid in fourth grade and he’s proud of it. He enjoys making life difficult for Karl to show how much power he has at school. Ryan enjoys playing sports and picking on kids smaller than him. Mai- Mai is Japanese but she studies English very well and she’s not afraid of anything. She enjoys reading and playing sports. Mai has a great sense of humor and can help her friends lighten up in difficult situations.

Little Fried Chicken and Sushi

Khalid Birdsong

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Click here to read the latest The Middle Age.

The Middle Age

Steve Conley

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Welcome to the MythTickle plane of 'reality', where eclectically charming deities and legendary creatures try to get along and hopefully bring some comfort to the world, whatever you may believe in. There's good ol' Boody the dragon, the ultimate upbeat innocent and Sir Dudley, the cynical Scots knight who disdains him for being his best friend. There's Dziva, African creatrix and goddess of life; Anansi, the trickster spider god; Thor, the surly son of Asgard; and of course Karma quick to rage, quick to joy, and obsessed with balance. Displaced in time and place, they and many others learn from Ms. Nature, patient teacher of this unruly horde. Loki, take your seat. Shiva, go stand outside. Anubis, don't throw the erasers, and everyone mind the holy bees! You never know who you'll meet in Mythtickle.


Justin Thompson

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Phoebe and Her Unicorn is the story of a friendship between a little girl and a mythical creature. This strip brings a little bit of warmth magic into a world desperately in need of it. Dana Simpson's beautiful art and sharp humor are a delight.

Phoebe and Her Unicorn

Dana Simpson

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A fantastic saga of adventure both high and low, of forbidden passion and iambic pentameter, of fays, fools, organists, demons, accordions, heaven, hell and Shakespeare, Pibgorn follows the whims and flights of its eponymous fairy heroine as she plies her conviction that there must be more to life than depositing dew drops on dandelions and sleeping under mushrooms.


Brooke McEldowney

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The Poptropica comic strip follows the hilarious adventures of two mismatched boys, Oliver and Jorge, who unexpectedly find themselves in a strange world of endless islands, each inhabited by it’s own unique residents. Frankensteins, dinosaurs, balloon animals, penguin pirates, the boys come across anything and everything as they pop from island to island looking for a way to get back home.  CAST: Oliver is one of the popular kids, although that’s not as easy as you might think.  He feels the need to keep the fact that he’s smart hidden so as not to lose “cred”.  Also, females keep falling in love with him because of his “perfect hair”.  He’s good natured and always up for an adventure.
 Jorge is sort of the opposite.  But even though he’s out of shape, easily rattled, and allergic to everything under the sun, he’s the self-proclaimed expert at whatever task they come across.  He also exclusively eats junk food, which is sort of a problem when you’re on tropical islands. 


Paul Gilligan and Kory Merritt

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Snowflakes takes place in the worlds of imagination shared by a group of young orphans, somewhere high in the snow­capped Andes. Snowflakes is the story of that imagination running amok, growing into strange adventures, political intrigue, and a battle between the factions within and without. Along the way, the children grow friendships, learn to live together, and make peace with their strange histories. CAST INFO Greg - AGE 8: Loves things. He's about as geeky as you'll find when it comes to objects of trivia and memorized knowledge, and will someday make an excellent museum docent. Lusitania (Lu) - AGE 10 Aged double digits and feeling it. Although she enjoys her status as one of the elders, deep down she wishes she could be young again. Sloan - AGE 7: You wouldn't know it to talk to her, but Sloan is probably the happiest kid in the orphanage. She spends most of her time nosing around books and laying in bed, unencumbered by any sense of inadequacy. Enzo - AGE 5: Enzo has only been at the orphanage for a few months, but he already knows more about it than anyone else. For the moment, those big ears are coming in handy. Glory - AGE 6: Better than anyone at getting the other kids to laugh, but more often than not it's at him, rather than with him. Although he puts up with more abuse than most, he has a healthy level of resilience. If school doesn't crush his spirits, he'll probably be prime minister of a country some day. Wray - AGE 9: The toughest kid in the orphanage. The toughest kid in any orphanage. She once wedgied a kid so hard he split in two. She then put him back together with the most vicious Indian burn anyone has ever seen. At least, that's what I heard. Priti - AGE 9: Priti is a born leader, but a terrible planner. Although she works furiously when put on a new task, she quickly loses interest once she perceives diminishing returns. Still, while she's in work mode, she's great to have on your side.


Zach Weinersmith, Chris Jones and James Ashby

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Tough Town chronicles the misadventures of Rudolph, a divorced reindeer working unhappily as a 4th grade teacher. His hobbies include gambling, smoking, drinking and serving as a terrible role model for his son. When heʼs not driving his principal crazy, or neglecting his underperforming students, heʼs hanging out with a bizarre group of aliens down at the local bar.

Tough Town

Bob Shannon

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Widdershins is a series of light-hearted adventure stories, set in a magical version of Victorian-era Yorkshire, featuring grumpy treasure hunters, accidental thieves, failed wizards, and more besides...


Kate Ashwin

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In 1964 cartoonist Johnny Hart, creator of B.C., came up with an idea for a second comic strip while flipping through a deck of playing cards. He enlisted longtime friend and mentor, Brant Parker to help co-produce and illustrate the Wizard of Id. To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Wizard, we have launched “Wizard of Id Classics” here on GoComics. Join us daily and follow the antics of Wiz, Blanche, Bung, Rodney, the King and all the other “ID-iots” from the very beginning! Read more about Brant Parker here!

Wizard of Id Classics

Parker and Hart