I've loved and read comics since I was little. Studies say people who read the comics before they read the news live longer. Then, you read the news and you don't want to live longer. That's where pets come in. I founded Tails of Joy 20 years ago so everyone could rescue a pet to read comics with. Comics are such an amazing art form; they mirror us, and sometimes they lead the way. They are little daily works of art. I am so happy animal rescue and advocacy have come into the mainstream, supported by so many great cartoonists. I could have listed a thousand cartoons with no trouble. 

Special thanks to our rescue angel Wiley Miller for helping us raise thousands for animal rescue with his great art and great heart.


6. Every rescuer's dream. And, every rescuer's partner's greatest fear.


7. This is funny in every possible way. We've all met the "Don't worry, he's friendly" people, and then spent the afternoon at the vet. And, leash your dogs.


8. Every animal lover's secret wish...



9. As Linda McCartney famously said, "If slaughterhouses had glass walls, we'd all be vegetarians."


10. As all rescuers know, making life better for animals always means making life better for people, too.