Mar 1, 2014
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Mr. Pinkley: MMM...! May I?
Cathy: No. They're "For women only".
Mr. Pinkley: They're chocolate calcium chews!
Cathy: Specially formulated to promote the bone health of women!
Mr. Pinkley: Never mind , I'll just have...
Charlene: Sorry. "For women only" nutrition bars. Rich in folic acid, soy and antioxidants to nourish the life forces of today's busy women!
Mr. Pinkley: Fine! A bowl of cereal!
Cathy and Charlene: "For women only", with soluble oat fiber to protect women's hearts.
Cathy: Energy-boosting "for women only" mocha blend!
Charlene: Energy-quieting "for women only" mint tea!
Cathy: Stamina-building "for women only" cheesecake! Spirit-lifting "for women only" brownies!
Charlene: Hormone- balancing "for women only" soy shake! Inner goddess-tapping "for women only" souffle!
Mr. Pinkley: Extra pain relief for a man-sized headache!
Cathy: self-indulgent can they get??
Mar 3, 2014
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