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By Cathy Guisewite
Feb 22, 2014
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It had been ten days and she was still fixated on the chocolate truffle she hadn't eaten on Valentine's Day...
Cathy: What would it have mattered?? A few more calories here or there. So what?? Was it worth this?? A brain that can focus on nothing but one uneaten truffle?? How much else have I eaten trying to obliterate the memory of the truffle I turned down? And where's my credit for saying "No"? Where's my willpower award? Now I'm doing it again!! Stop it! Stop obsessing! 
Caption: Some eat to live. Some live to eat. Some eat to get on with life.
Cathy: I need a truffle, and I need it NOW!!
Saleswoman: Won't count. Has to be in a little heart-shaped box.
Feb 24, 2014
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