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By Cathy Guisewite
Sep 15, 2012
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Mom: The problem with the world is the delete button!
Cathy (out of frame): Now what, mom?
Mom: In ancient times--1980, for instance--changing even one word was a big ordeal. White-out...Correctable typewriter ribbon...Horrible ink erasers...Moving a paragraph meant rewriting the whole thing! People had to think before writing! They even called it "committing words to paper"! Now starting over is nothing. People write anything that pops into their heads because they can rewrite it instantly. When they can rewrite instantly, people think they can re-speak instantly......So now people say anything they want and assume they can revise it at will. When change is that easy, there's not commitment behind the words...With no commitment, there's no trust...With no trust, no stability, no marriage, no grandchildren...
Cathy: Everyone's staring at you, mom.
Mom: I need a delete button.
Sep 17, 2012
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