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By Cathy Guisewite
Oct 21, 1996
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Cathy: Women are sick of buying clothes that are outdated in three months!
Saleswoman: Militance! Perfect! Slide into this fall's new army jacket!
Cathy: We have better things to do than wander around the mall!
Saleswoman: Independence! Excellent! Nothing says it better than the new no-nonsense flat-front pant!
Cathy: We refuse to be fashion victims anymore!
Saleswoman: Indignance! Bravo! Stomp, stomp, stomp in your new waffle-soled suede jodhpur boots!
Cathy:...Rats. I look fabulous.
Saleswoman: Confidence! Yes! Nothing holds the receipts as well as the new up-sized tote!
Oct 23, 1996
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