Candorville by Darrin Bell


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  1. rshive

    rshive said, 13 days ago

    We also sometimes get visited by vengeful suckers.

  2. DavidHuieGreen

    DavidHuieGreen said, 13 days ago

    if we judge ourselves, we give others less to judge

  3. coltish1

    coltish1 said, 13 days ago

    Yeah, Clyde. You should look into Zen Buddhism. They live in the “now” and wonder, “Wow, there’s all this?!”

  4. DaBoogadie

    DaBoogadie said, 13 days ago

    Just a diode in the grand computer.

  5. Gokie5

    Gokie5 said, 13 days ago


    Learned that from my son-in-law.

  6. DLee4144

    DLee4144 GoComics PRO Member said, 13 days ago


    Why don’t we all? Anyone who is bored in a world where people are still going to bed hungry and they don’t see anything that they could do isn’t bored, they’re just selfish.

  7. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 said, 13 days ago

    The world is anything but boring. Only those of little imagination and less perception are bored.

  8. Tom from NC

    Tom from NC GoComics PRO Member said, 13 days ago

    Why is Clyde in a heavy jacket? I assume it is summer and hot there.

  9. rshive

    rshive said, 13 days ago

    @Tom from NC

    Lots of pockets inside that coat. Clyde uses it to display stuff he comes into possession of.

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