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Calvin and Hobbes

By Bill Watterson
Jun 18, 2017
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Jun 20, 2017
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  1. Img 0910
    BE THIS GUY GC Insider 7 months ago

    Flippant remarks have a way of haunting candidates, you know.

    This was the 30 years ago. The rules have changed since then.

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  2. Calvinosaurus
    The Calvinosaurus That Calvin Wanted To Discover  7 months ago

    Who is Dad’s opponent and what are his views?

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  3. Cutiger
    rentier GC Insider 7 months ago

    That’s hard! Summer has just started!!

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  4. Boxing kitty
    LeadingEdge  7 months ago

    Today’s Custom Comic


    (Hat tip to Calvinosaurus)

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  5. Dt
    JohnFarson19  7 months ago

    I love “Dad’s” sense of humor. One time Cal was looking through old b/w photos and he asked when color photography was invented. His Dad told him that the world was in black and white and only turned into colors in the 1930’s

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  6. Gocomic avatar
    sanderling75  7 months ago

    @johnfarson19: ditto

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  7. 10155273 624313380994797 1301453986 n
    Knightman GC Insider 7 months ago

    With Calvin as his kid, he will run unopposed!!!

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  8. Missing large
    tomcurda GC Insider 7 months ago

    arrogant little love child; isn’t he?

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  9. Citizens for a canadian republic
    A Hip loving Canadian...  7 months ago

    Face reality kid, Dad isn’t going anywhere.

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  10. Missing large
    micromos  7 months ago

    That makes Calvin 35 now and he can vote!

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  11. Missing large
    Bruce1253  7 months ago

    Its like a Supreme Court Justice, a life time appointment.

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  12. Missing large
    little.jonesy333  7 months ago

    And actually, it’s been debunked that Marie Antoinette said those words.

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  13. Tracer bullet phone
    tracerbullet  7 months ago

    Dads are not elected; they are dictators for life (or at least until you move out).

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  14. Large image
    Chad Cheetah  7 months ago

    So we’re going from 2017 to 1988?

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  15. Packers me on south park
    cmstrick  7 months ago

    “Flippant remarks have a way of haunting candidates, you know.”

    Not any more, apparently…

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  16. Rise the moon 20161228 101130603 c50
    Andrew Sleeth GC Insider 7 months ago

    Which is why it’s a good thing Dad didn’t have Twitter back then.

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  17. 20180106 183806
    Number Three (Free Afficionado)  7 months ago

    I have the same attitude as Dad when it comes to politics.


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  18. Dogzillascrape
    bryan42  7 months ago

    I had a cousin who was not much older than Calvin around this time. Both her and her daya were big fans of C&H. She also pullude these polls on her dad. My uncle also had a good sense of humor and went along with her play.

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  19. Missing large
    tuslog1964  7 months ago

    Our mayor won 280 to 0 in the last election! (Nobody else wants the job!)

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  20. 00015cs2
    Last Rose Of Summer GC Insider 7 months ago

    I wish it were 1998……..

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  21. Fish appetit
    Soundstorm  7 months ago

    Who’s Dad running against? Walter Mondale?

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