Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

Calvin and Hobbes

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  1. leftwingpatriot

    leftwingpatriot said, 8 months ago

    Good point.

  2. ratlum

    ratlum said, 8 months ago

    Missing does not give good points.

  3. Kali39

    Kali39 said, 8 months ago

    Um, Calvin – you are throwing with intent to hit. That doesn’t get you off the naughty list.

  4. watmiwori

    watmiwori said, 8 months ago

    It’s a nice theory. Doubt if Susie buys it, tho’.

  5. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 said, 8 months ago

    Calvin giving us an excellent example of convincing ones self or the right reason for doing something wrong. Rationalizing actions.

  6. Eyjafjallajokull

    Eyjafjallajokull said, 8 months ago

    You overreact Susie, it’s just snowballs. Don’t you like play?

  7. LX013

    LX013 said, 8 months ago

    God helps her!

  8. frugalnotcheap

    frugalnotcheap said, 8 months ago

    I SO remember a couple of mean kids up the street when we were in grade school. Avoided them at all costs. Now that I’m older, I wonder if they grew out of it or ended up in jail.

  9. Citizen GROG!

    Citizen GROG! GoComics PRO Member said, 8 months ago

    Santa’s not going to buy that, Calvin. The intent is still there.

  10. unicornstar

    unicornstar said, 8 months ago

    One can only hope.

  11. capndunzzl

    capndunzzl said, 8 months ago

    …the coal list was written for Calvin.

  12. LX013

    LX013 said, 8 months ago

    But, what would Watterson draw, when Calvin would always be good? It would become more and more boring!

  13. TXPAScot

    TXPAScot said, 8 months ago


    They’ve probably already got enough coal stored up to heat the house until Calvin reaches adulthood…

  14. Dr Dave

    Dr Dave GoComics PRO Member said, 8 months ago

    Can’t hit the ground with your hat…gonna make a great golfer, kid

  15. Poollady

    Poollady GoComics PRO Member said, 8 months ago

    Oh yes it DOES count, Calvin!

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