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Calvin and Hobbes

By Bill Watterson
Jul 6, 1991
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Calvin: Hey dad, Remember our car?
Dad: Why sure.
Dad: Wait a minute. What do you mean, "Remember"?
Calvin: Hobbes, I have a conjectural moral question. Maybe you can help.
Hobbes: Sure
Calvin: Suppose I did something bad. Should I tell dad?
Hobbes: How bad are we supposing?
Calvin: Well, Hypothetically, Let's say pretty bad. Like to his car, hypothetically.
Hobbes: How bad, hypothetically, to his car?
Calvin: Well, lets pretend it was REAL bad.
Hobbes: Should we pretend it could be fixed?
Calvin: If we imagined he could find the car, we could pretend it might be fixed. 
Hobbes: I see.
Hobbes: You can keep the book. I'll call the bus station.
Calvin: "Que pasa, senorita? I am el fugitivo!"
Jul 8, 1991
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