Brevity by Dan Thompson


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  1. simpsonfan2

    simpsonfan2 said, 10 months ago

    And while the two of them are outside ‘discussing’ it, Homer Simpson grabs it.

  2. beviek

    beviek GoComics PRO Member said, 10 months ago

    Archie would never let logic stand in the way of winning an argument. Specially over beer!

    I’ve showered with ivory, but never had an ivory shower.

    If Archie drinks all that beer he’ll be flushing the ‘terlet’ all night long.

  3. Bruno Zeigerts

    Bruno Zeigerts said, 10 months ago

    ’Don’t fire till you see the reds of their necks.’

  4. jreckard

    jreckard said, 10 months ago

    Brawl in the Family

  5. SusanSunshine

    SusanSunshine GoComics PRO Member said, 10 months ago

    Hank could take Archie but he wouldn’t.

  6. clucky

    clucky said, 10 months ago

    @Bruno Zeigerts

    Good one !!

  7. emptc12

    emptc12 said, 10 months ago

    Are these characters in Queens or in Texas? Can’t believe they would drink each other’s brand of beer. It might be an interesting show if they swapped houses temporarily. Or appeared on “Wife Swap.” Geez, now I can’t get that out of my head!

  8. Citizen GROG!

    Citizen GROG! GoComics PRO Member said, 10 months ago


    That’s because you can’t buy beer. You can only rent it.

  9. Citizen GROG!

    Citizen GROG! GoComics PRO Member said, 10 months ago

    I’m surprised Arch didn’t call him a meat-head.

  10. Mike R.

    Mike R. said, 10 months ago

    “Who the hell sent the meathead up here with the Kaopectate AND the Milk of Magnesia. Jezz Edith, that’s like mixin’ prune juice with radiator sealer”.

  11. GoodQuestion

    GoodQuestion GoComics PRO Member said, 10 months ago

    Between the two, I think Bud’s wiser . . . ☻

  12. Godfreydaniel

    Godfreydaniel said, 10 months ago

    That boy ain’t right! (Welcome back, Susan, we missed our PhD of Punnery yesterday!)

  13. kaecispopX

    kaecispopX said, 10 months ago


    ivory shower = ivory tower. Sometimes one needs an Archie/English translator.

  14. Margo

    Margo said, 10 months ago


    I like your style. :)

  15. Chalkie  j   

    Chalkie  j    said, 10 months ago

    So Who’s the Queen of Arlens?

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