Mar 14, 2017
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Lupin:  We may have an ally at the dinner table!
Elvis:  Lupin, ordinarily we're not given table scraps, even though it's well know we are all good boys who deserve treats.  But now it seems we have an inside guy.
Woman:  Elvis! Off the table!
Puck:  Elvis, the Toddler only wants two things.
"1. Be our best friend. 2. Never eat dinner."  Oh, whiskers-this is a green bean.
Toddler:  Potato, mom cat!
Puck:  I would like some ham.
Toddler:  Is potato.  More potato.
Puck:  Ham, please.
Toddler:  This.
Puck:  This is a napkin.
Toddler:  This.
Puck:  A battery.  I'm pretty sure neither of us is supposed to have this.
Man:  Whatcha got there, Pucky?
Mar 16, 2017
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