Jan 15, 2017
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Lupin:  The Breaking Cat News test broadcast begins in...3...2...1.. Tommy?
Tommy:  Thanks, Lupin! Tommy here, reporting live from...  My living room! Elvis?
Elvis:  Good to see you, Tommy. Camera one is functional! Onto you, Puck.
Puck:  Wait. Tommy, do you live with another cat?
Tommy:  I do! Her name is Sophie! She's beautiful, she's very smart, she smells like peppermint tea, and she does not care for me!
Sophie:  Please be quiet, I'm reading.
Tommy:  Okie dokie.
Lupin:  We go now live to Tabitha.
Tommy:  Still me.
Lupin:  Burt?
Burt:  On it.
Tabitha:  I think we should only link broadcasts during emergencies.
Elvis:  Like, if Tabitha goes missing.
Tabitha:  Or Elvis goes missing AGAIN.  Back to you Lupin.
Tommy:  Me again!
Sophie:  Thomas!
Lupin:  I think it went okay! At least we worked out the bumps before viewers were watching!
Jan 17, 2017
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