Nov 5, 2016
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Lupin: Delicious smells are coming in from the kitchen. Elvis?
Elvis: Thanks, Lupin. Elvis here, overseeing all of the feast preparations in the kitchen. I am vital to this process. 
Woman: Elvis, get down. 
Puck: Puck here standing by in case any taste testing is needed. Ooh... that looks scrumptious . That looks good too. 
Man: C'mon Puck, off the table. 
Puck: But I was born for this! 
Lupin: This just in: A city is being attacked by giant animals on tv! 
Elvis: The feast centers around an enormous chickadee-
Lupin: Now the city is being attacked by a bunch of Broadway performers. I don't understand this invasion. 
Puck: What is this delicacy?
Elvis: All because one brave cat stood by the kitchen. 
Puck: This just in: The people gave us turkey! 
Lupin: Reports confirm, it's delicious! 
Elvis: It was nothing, really.
Nov 7, 2016
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