Oct 12, 2016
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Lupin:  Lupin here, live on the scene where the People have brought home a strange creature!
Puck:  Lupin, the People call it a "baby" and force it to wear tiny hats.
Lupin:  Some folks enjoy tiny hats.
Elvis:  Its going to eat all our food and no one will ever love us again.
Puck:  Elvis, I don't think babies eat kibble.
Elvis:  You're already against me.
Lupin:  Puck, what else can you tell us about babies?
Puck:  The pupal stage in People lasts about 6 weeks.
"Human Pupa Endless parade of tiny hats, Head is 90% cheeks Thorax Flannel cocoon Developing Legs Those cheeks"
Puck:  After that it's anyone's guess.
Elvis:  I have a guess.
Puck:  This just in: it smiled at me.
Lupin:  I can confirm.
Oct 14, 2016
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