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Breaking Cat News

By Georgia Dunn
Oct 10, 2016
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Lupin:  The Woman is slowing down.
Elvis:  Lupin, for some time The Woman has been increasing in size. This week her size has pinned her to the couch, where she now lives with Puck watching British mystery shows.
Puck:  Can't comment now. If you miss the first 10 minutes you're lost for the rest of the episode.
Lupin:  Elvis, is there any explanation for the Woman's size?
Elvis:  Puck has reported feeling a series of "taps" from the Woman's belly. Puck, can you elaborate?
Puck:  Shhhhhhhhh.
Lupin:  Elvis, what do you mean by "taps"?
Belly:  Tap, tap tap tap...kick, kick, kick, tap, tap tap tap.
Elvis:  Seems to be some kind of code...
Lupin:  Puck, what do you think is going on?
Puck:  Lupin, I'm pretty sure the mysterious aunt with the missing brooch did it.
Lupin:  Elvis, your thoughts?
Elvis:  I think as long as whatever is in there never gets out, I think we're alright.
Oct 12, 2016
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