Jun 1, 2016
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(We now return to Our IX Lives
Angora: Father?
Mr. Taggart: Angora?
Angora: Yes! It's me, Father! Are you ill because of me? 
Father: My dear girl...
Mr. Taggart: Yes. 
Angora: How could I be so selfish? I knew father's heart was poor! 
Angora's sister: Get a grip, Angora. Father is faking. 
Angora: Give it to us straight, Dr. Mittens. 
Dr. Mittens: Your father is dying of a broken heart...
Dr. Mittens: Brought on by acute disappointment. 
Angora's sister: Oh, for CAT'S SAKE-
Brad: Hello? I was told this is where I could find my business partner's deathbed? 
Mr. Taggart: Brad, my boy! -COUGH- is that you? 
Mr. Taggart: I can barely see or hear, I'M JUST SO ILL-
Brad: Yes, Mr. Taggart. I'm here for you! 
Brad: And Angora...
Background Surgeon: (!) 

Dr. Mittens: Speaking of which, Princess, I hear you're totally a widow now.
Angora's Sister: Inappropriate
Jun 6, 2016
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