May 23, 2016
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Lupin: Today we're live with Baba Mouse, discussing how to cope when a kitten goes out into the world. 
Baba Mouse: I miss every kitten I raised, but you don't want to hold them back. Not everyone can bloom where they are planted. Some folks have to go seek out the sun. 
Baba Mouse: You give them confidence, curiosity, a deep distrust of the vacuum cleaner.... And hope it's enough. 
Baba Mouse: And there are ways of knowing where they are and what they are doing. 
Tommy: Gazing into your CRYSTAL BALL?
Baba Mouse: No, postcards! 
Elvis: What if she forgets us? 
Baba Mouse: Elvis, the cat who remembers I drink my coffee black 3 sugars, sprinkle cinnamon, dash of catnip isn't forgetting anything. CANCEL THE PITY PARTY. 
Baba Mouse: C'mon. I've got to start my patrols. Alice and the girls are never late. 
Tommy: Thanks for the interview! 
Trevor: Did I hear your broadcast right? Is that little cat leaving? 
Tommy: Yeah. 
Trevor: Woof... That's ruff... Sorry, my accent is coming out. 
Trevor: I just mean I'm really going to miss her. I don't always immediately feel comfortable with folks. 
Trevor: But she felt like a friend. 
Tommy: There, there, boy. 
Tommy: You gonna be ok? 
Trevor: Yeah, Tommy. Thanks, man. 
Trevor: Sigh. 
Trevor: 'Morning, Baba. 
Baba Mouse: 'Morning, Trevor.
May 25, 2016
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