Mar 17, 2016
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Lupin: There's been... a disturbance... on the ceiling. 
Elvis: Lupin, cats report hearing a commotion upstairs, followed by yowling and hissing. 
Elvis: We go no live to the hallway for more. 
Ceiling Woman: Sooo...Have your cats been CRAZY today? 
Woman: Yes! 
Toddler: Mow Mow! 
Tabitha: There is a strange female in the building! 
Tillie: Cool your paws, daffodil. I'm just getting comments on the new addition. 
Ceiling Woman: Ow, Tabitha. C'mon girl. 
Ceiling Woman: Do you think it could be... ...ghosts? 
Woman: I'm So glad you said it! YES. It has to be, right?! 
Puck: Tabitha! You can see Tillie too?! 
Tabitha: Tillie? Who's Tillie? 
Tillie: I'M Tillie! I'm Freddie's cat. EVERYONE knows that! 
Tillie: And not to weigh apples, but this whole house is mine. 
Tillie: So, relax. 
Elvis: Hello, Tabitha. I couldn't help but notice you're crazy now. 
Ceiling Woman: You know, there's a box in the basement with old photos of the family who built this house. Maybe we can find a hint of a grisly death or a terrible tragedy! 
Woman: I'll bring the kids!
Mar 24, 2016
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