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The Boondocks

By Aaron McGruder
Apr 24, 2014
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Granddad:  Whoever this is, you better have a real good reason for disturbing my dream. I was fishin' with Dorothy Dandrige!!!!
Voice:  Um...Hi, I'm calling from Hoover Elementary about your boys...  We've had some disciplinary problems...
Granddad:  They hurt anyone?
Voice:  No...
Granddad:  School still standing?
Voice:  Yes...
Granddad:  Any socialist takeovers?
Voice:  Um...no.
Granddad:  Well, then, that's what we call a good day for Huey and Riley! Now, if I go back to sleep and Dorothy ain't there, it's your behind!!
Voice:  I should probably call back later...
Apr 26, 2014
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