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The Boondocks

By Aaron McGruder
May 25, 2013
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Granddad:  Huey! Wake up! The internet's down. I need you to tix it.
Huey:  Granddad, what are you doing on the internet at 3 in the morning?
Granddad:  Uh...research.
Huey:  What kind of research?
Granddad:  Grown-folks research, boy. Now fix the dag computer.
Huey:  There, the internet's back up. I'll just pull up your last web page...granddad, what's this?
Granddad:  Uh...nothing. I'll take it from here. Go to bed!
Huey:  "The O.C." message board?!
Granddad:  Well...I missed the last episode. I think something happened to Ryan and Marissa-
Huey:  I don't wanna hear it. I'll leave you alone with your filth.
Granddad:  Julie's lost everything! She's practically homeless! Okay, fine! I have a problem!
May 27, 2013
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