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The Boondocks

By Aaron McGruder
Jan 12, 2013
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Huey:  Uh-oh...I think A.O.L. just figured out I'm black.
Caesar:  Hmm, "AOL Black Voices"...
Voice:  Yo, you got mail, bruh!!
Huey:  I can't believe this. It's only giving me black news.
Voice:  What, you don't wanna know about Morris Chestnut?!
Huey:  I don't know how to get it back to the way it was.
Voice:  Oh, so "Black Voices" ain't good enough for you, huh, "brotha"...
Huey:  I may have to go back to regular mail.
Voice:  Wanna know what's comin' on UPN tonight, white boy?
Jan 14, 2013
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