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Big Nate

By Lincoln Peirce
Jan 18, 2014
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Nate: "Okay, Peter, this is it! BREAKNECK HILL!"

Peter: "What?"

Peter: "Are you INSHANE? I'm not going down THAT!"

Nate: "SURE you are! It's FUN!"

Nate: "All you need is a PEP TALK to get you in the right frame of mind!"

Nate: "Peter, Breakneck Hill isn't just a sledding spot! It's an ADVENTURE! It's an EXPERIENCE!"

Nate: "Kids have been testing themselves on this hill for GENERATIONS! It's part of growing up! It's a RITE OF PASSAGE!"

Nate: "GO FOR IT, Peter! Live the dream! Embrace the excitement!"

Peter: "As you shuggeshted, I'm living the dream!"

Peter, your rite of passage is all wrong."
Jan 20, 2014
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