Nov 23, 2013
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ARTUR: Trisha! Hallo! 
TRISHA: Oh! Hi...umm.
ARTUR: Artur!
TRISHA: Right! Sorry, Artur, I'm still trying to learn everyone's name!
ARTUR: Because you are a new girl, I have for you an invitation to have lunch with Nate!
TRISHA: Uh...who's NATE: There is Nate! He is super fantastic guy! Very nice! And also popular!
TRISHA: Well I didn't bring a lunch so...
ARTUR: Ah! But that is hokay because of course Nate will feed you! He tell me: After ten minutes, you will be ear out of his hand!


ARTUR: I think she is maybe not hungry.
NATE: Thanks for your help, Artur.
Nov 25, 2013
Small u 201701251613

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