Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce

Big Nate

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  1. kamb8

    kamb8 said, 12 months ago

    I’ve never really understood that word. What’s a “buzz”? And how is it dying?

  2. SuperDavid

    SuperDavid said, 12 months ago

    They’re gonna make that face till the day ends

  3. Gordie

    Gordie said, 12 months ago

    Just like its always been since 1991

  4. pencilkid6

    pencilkid6 said, 12 months ago

    Nate was in middle school two years ago!?

  5. Big Nate's Girl

    Big Nate's Girl GoComics PRO Member said, 12 months ago

    Geez. Nate didnt get any teacher changes but I did… all my favourite teachers were replaced!

  6. bignate

    bignate GoComics PRO Member said, 12 months ago


    He has always been in middle school, and he always will be. Poor kid.

  7. Darren Blair

    Darren Blair said, 12 months ago


    “buzz” is a slang term referring to the level of conversation going on about a particular topic.

  8. luckychigger

    luckychigger said, 12 months ago


    The best definition of buzz is that feeling of happiness/giddiness you feel when you know something fun or exciting is going to happen. The counting down the minutes while you anticipate the upcoming event. The constant smile on your face because you are so looking forward to it. :-)

  9. mrs_yld

    mrs_yld said, 12 months ago

    Why hasn’t Nate moved on from having her as one of his teachers? Must he always be in the same grade?

  10. ncalifgirl58

    ncalifgirl58 said, 12 months ago

    “Catching a buzz” in my younger days was getting high on drugs or alcohol. We thought we were happy and giddy anyway.

  11. SteveCraft1511

    SteveCraft1511 said, 12 months ago

    HAH LOL.

  12. SteveCraft1511

    SteveCraft1511 said, 12 months ago

    HAving fingers crossed for mrs.godfrey going!!!

  13. SteveCraft1511

    SteveCraft1511 said, 12 months ago


  14. Comic Minister

    Comic Minister said, 12 months ago

    Sorry boys.

  15. orbenjawell

    orbenjawell said, 12 months ago


    No……“that face” will get many times worse as the day plays out….the visits to Godfreyland and Galvinworld are looming on the horizon….among other things like Gina, Chester, Marcus, Jen-tur (remember, she’s BACK!!) holding hands and “snogging” down the halls, etc. etc. Wail! WAIL!!

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