Nov 3, 2012
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NATE: Artur! Wanna play table football? It's fun!
ARTUR: Oh ho! football! Or as you Americans are call it: Soccer! 
NATE: No, not soccer! Football! USA style!
ARTUR: Hokay so outside we should go then.
NATE: No no! We play right here!
ARTUR: But how we play with no ball?
NATE: We've got a ball! Look!
ARTUR:  Nate. Stop joking. That is a paper triangle only. 
NATE: No duh, Artur! It's a substitute ball!
ARTUR: Ha! But you cannot throw or kick such a ball so little and pointy!
NATE: We don't throw it, Artur! We don't kick it! It's table football! We play on the table!
ARTUR:  Ah, hokay! Hikes!
NATE: I can't take it.
Nov 5, 2012
Small u 201701251613

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