Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce

Big Nate

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  1. Nerd

    Nerd said, over 5 years ago


  2. Michael Gotcher

    Michael Gotcher said, about 5 years ago

    Wanna c my secret freckle HaHaHA this reminds me of diary of a wunpy kid

  3. Feed Me Comics!

    Feed Me Comics! said, over 4 years ago

    I bet Nate’s like, “Five bucks to see my grandpa’s scar!”
    and then Jenny comes and goes, “Ew!”

  4. SuperDavid

    SuperDavid said, about 3 years ago

    @Feed Me Comics!

    thats why he said “guys”.

  5. DrewGamer58

    DrewGamer58 said, almost 3 years ago


  6. So_Random

    So_Random said, over 2 years ago

    @Feed Me Comics!

    Or “I see where you get your traits.”

  7. Aneesh Bathey

    Aneesh Bathey said, almost 2 years ago

    Why’s he doing this at SCHOOL?

  8. SameriteRL

    SameriteRL said, over 1 year ago

    Grandparents really need to know about what’s inappropriate and what’s appropriate.

  9. ladybug2013

    ladybug2013 said, 9 months ago

    @Michael Gotcher

    LOL, yes! XDD

  10. ladybug2013

    ladybug2013 said, 9 months ago


    LOL, true XDD

  11. bignatefan_789

    bignatefan_789 said, 9 months ago

    nice one vern

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