Dec 21, 2002
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TV: Oh, Lassie! You're the best dog in the whole world!

CELEBRITY INTERVIEW! with: Biff Biffwell!

BIFF: Friends, I'm chatting today with the big fella himself, Santa Claus!
SANTA: Season's greetings, Biff!
BIFF: Santa, I've often wondered, what's the most frustrating part of your job?
SANTA: These letters, Biff! Take this one, for example: a boy named Nate Wright asked me to bring him a dog!
BIFF: Sounds simple enough! 
SANTA: Not so fast, Biff! Nate's Dad doesn't want him to have a dog! ...And I'm not allowed to overrule a parent!
BIFF: That does sound frustrating!
SANTA: And unfair! Just another case of a parent being selfish!
BIFF: So what do you do? Punish Nate's Dad?
SANTA: Hey, I'm Santa Clause! It's not in my job description to punish parents! So instead I pick up the phone and call my friend Mother Nature!
BIFF: Mother Nature? What can she do?
Dec 23, 2002
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