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Big Nate

By Lincoln Peirce
Sep 19, 1998
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Time for another edition of...CELEBRITY INTERVIEW! 
with your host:
Chip Chipson

Today's guest: Clebrity Psychic Claire Voyant!

CHIP: Greetings, friends! Today psychic Claire Yoyant will make some predictions about the coming school year!
CLAIRE: I knew you were going to say that.
CHIP: Claire, what's in the future for everyone's favorite 6th-grade Renaissance Man, Nate Wright?
CLAIRE: Hmmm Nate will be lucky in love. He will be awash in a virtual "babe tsunami." His prodigious athletic ability will bring him great success on the playing field.

KID: Look! Nate's playing goal!
KID 2: Why even try? We forfeit.

CLAIRE: But...hmm...in Nate's immediate future, something else is coming into focus...a number!
CHIP: What kind of number, Claire?
CLAIRE: Still hazy...It...it's a two-digit number! A LOW two-digit number!

NATE: A 12?

GODFREY: For the next test, at least PRETEND to study.
Sep 21, 1998
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  1. Large img015
    austin.j.milne  about 6 years ago

    no we cant

     •  Reply
  2. Large  js  me
    Feed Me Comics!  almost 6 years ago

    a baby cant :)

     •  Reply
  3. Large shady shmeguien
    GregoriusM  over 5 years ago

    goo goo gah gah. mommy, whats the number there?

     •  Reply
  4. Large images 9
    Comic Flavor  over 5 years ago

    im 9123456789 AND SO ON…what are you 31?

     •  Reply
  5. Large dscn1596
    ReneeZimbodgi  over 4 years ago

    I got a 7 once.

     •  Reply
  6. Large riker lynch image riker lynch 36448164 300 300
    peanuts511  almost 4 years ago

    a classmate of mine once got 9/75 in his final exam!! and yeas i didn’t get the 9 part wrong it’s ONLY a 9!!! that’s low!!

     •  Reply
  7. Missing large
    Brock rumlo  almost 2 years ago

    I got 27 or 25 out of 75 once

     •  Reply
  8. Large ed52c154 c36a 4135 94bb 94a73ef52b4a
    Exploding cows   5 months ago

    I got a 13 on homework in 4th grade once

     •  Reply
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