Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce

Big Nate

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  1. TheSnoopster

    TheSnoopster said, about 2 years ago


    Note: I think you’ve gone over the edge

  2. Ray Lewis

    Ray Lewis said, almost 2 years ago



  3. peachispie

    peachispie said, almost 2 years ago



  4. Arsenal rock

    Arsenal rock said, almost 2 years ago

    Wow. There was a time when he was actually thin

  5. Comicdog 135

    Comicdog 135 said, over 1 year ago


    dude, mental note :get a life

  6. SuperDavid

    SuperDavid said, over 1 year ago

    Principal Nichols looks he’s been barely out of high school

  7. EmilyBigNate10

    EmilyBigNate10 said, about 1 year ago

    Is that….Principal Nichols????

  8. Comic Flavor

    Comic Flavor said, 11 months ago

    was jimnat banned

  9. peanuts511

    peanuts511 said, 7 months ago

    his eyes look like he’s just had a MAJOR sugar buzz!

  10. fanvoice3000

    fanvoice3000 said, 4 months ago

    Now that he’s banned, I’m tired of looking at the comments and only seeing “jimnat stop!” Since he’s banned, could you delete all those comments? When you do, I’ll delete this one.

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