May 16, 1998
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GODFREY: Pop quiz, people!
CHIP: Hello again, friends! Investigative reporter Chip Chipson here with another edition of...Behind The Scenes In The Teacher's Lounge! I'm here in the teachers' inner sanctum at P.S. 38 where Social Studies instructor Mrs. Godfrey is grading tests! Multiple  choice, Mrs. G?
GODFREY: Essay tests, Chip.
CHIP: Why essays? So that you can assess each student's writing skills, expressive capabilities and subject knowledge?
GODFREY: *snicker* Chip, you are so naive. Essay tests are simply more fun to grade! Why? Because there aren't any hard and fast right or wrong answers! That enables me to indulge all my personal feelings about my students while assigning grades! Watch carefully..Here's Nate Wright's essay! As we all know, I despise Nate because his talent and charisma remind me what a miserable human being I am!

CHIP: So you'll give him a bad grade? Even is his essay is brilliant?
GODFEY: Precisely, Chip. Life's not fair. Nya Ha Ha Ha!


FRANCIS: Just an observation: His first name was Benedict not Tom.
May 18, 1998
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