Apr 11, 1998
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Nate Wright: Oh...HI, Mrs. Godfrey.

Mrs. Godfrey: Well! Drawings of pets! what a good idea, Nate!

Nate Wright: And this price is right!

Mrs. Godfrey: Could you draw a picture if my Bootsy?

Nate Wright: No problemo! Watch the master at work!

Nate wright: humm de dum....A line here...hum humm...a little darker over there...hmm hmm...

Nate Wright: Voila!

Mrs.Godfrey: Why, that's very good! How did you get it to look so much like her?

Nate Wright: Well, you know how people look like their pets?

Nate Wright: I just drew a picture of you, then added some extra facial hair and a collar
Apr 13, 1998
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