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By Mastroianni and Hart
Sep 12, 2017
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Sep 14, 2017
Small u 201701251612
  1. Godzilla  i of the storm by adiraiju d4r0ysf
    Adiraiju  4 months ago

    Double negative. What’d he say?

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  2. Trollspry
    stevedodge833  4 months ago

    Just cave-man talk ;-)

    Plus, he’s not the one actually riding on them, is he?

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  3. Millicent likes marvin playtime pals  johnson  inc.
    Josh Lyons  4 months ago

    I wonder he got a dinosaur up on them?

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  4. Missing large
    silverclaw33  4 months ago


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  5. Missing large
    flagmichael  4 months ago

    When my first son was young I admonished him not to put my watch in water when he found it. I never said anything about putting it in chocolate milk – my bad.

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  6. Menew
    Thomas Scott Roberts creator 4 months ago

    Er… looks like that IS Thor. He’s the one with the brown hair. Was it supposed to be B.C.- the redhead?If we must have third party colorists paint the strips for us, could they at least read them?

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  7. Missing large
    Aged Puppy  4 months ago

    And that’s how the fossil fuel industry was borne…

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  8. The stinker
    cuzinron47  4 months ago

    It’s time to invent brakes.

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  9. Pole dancing bunny zpsa360ed0e
    Happy, happy, happy!!! GC Insider 4 months ago

    I had no idea that Dinosaurs were the ancestors of Hogs.

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  10. Missing large
    tcayer  4 months ago

    Well if he ‘never said nothing’ then that means he SAID something!

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  11.  1 tub puppy  2
    Robert C. GC Insider 4 months ago

    Is the dino’s name ‘Harley’ ?

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