B.C. by Mastroianni and Hart


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  1. phelpsgates

    phelpsgates said, 9 months ago

    Well, this sort of explains yesterday’s strip. It looks like we’re going to get a whole week of April Fool strips, with the premise that merely mentioning April Fool is somehow funny.

  2. Bruno Zeigerts

    Bruno Zeigerts said, 9 months ago

    ‘This is it, boys. Practical joke confrontation, toe to toe with the … other cavemen.’

  3. gmartin997

    gmartin997 GoComics PRO Member said, 9 months ago

    Fortunately for Peter, the volcano wasn’t active.

  4. DavidHuieGreen

    DavidHuieGreen said, 9 months ago

    Performance art is hard work

  5. DavidHuieGreen

    DavidHuieGreen said, 9 months ago

    Detailed answer to pine sap and dung beetles from yesterday is there now.
    To check for yourself check out the ABC 5 December 2013 article about a dung cockroach inclusion in amber.

  6. Vegas Viper

    Vegas Viper said, 9 months ago

    You should never tell your plan for April first.

  7. Godfreydaniel

    Godfreydaniel said, 9 months ago

    Well, it IS well known that volcanoes have a voracious appetite for virgins……….

  8. dflak

    dflak said, 9 months ago

    Third Panel: “Why not tell people that you are going to give them each a dollar and then not do it.”
    “I got a better idea. I’ll give them each a dollar while taking two out of their pockets.”

    Fourth Panel: “There goes our next congressman.”

  9. kaecispopX

    kaecispopX said, 9 months ago

    …and the volcano hasn’t been the same since then.

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