B.C. by Mastroianni and Hart


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  1. simpsonfan2

    simpsonfan2 said, almost 4 years ago

    Rather look at the star of Liberty Meadows…

  2. afficionado  U L M

    afficionado U L M said, almost 4 years ago



  3. Ghretighoti

    Ghretighoti said, almost 4 years ago

    It’s quite ironic that many many people think like Curls(?) about the Hubble Spaced Telescope: that it gets such beautiful images because it is closer to the stars. It does get you closer (a couple of hundred miles out of many trillions of miles), but the real reason is that it gets you above the messy earth’s atmosphere. Studying stars from the ground is like trying to study birds from the bottom of a lake.

  4. Beekeeper62

    Beekeeper62 said, almost 4 years ago

    I would like to know how he got up there.

  5. pouncingtiger

    pouncingtiger said, almost 4 years ago

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him [think]

  6. Nabuquduriuzhur

    Nabuquduriuzhur said, almost 4 years ago

    re: ghretighoti

    true. With the advent of adaptive optics, views from the ground are close to that of space. A laser beam is beamed into the atmosphere and the scattering of the beam allows a computer to adjust a telescope’s mirrors by minute amounts to compensate for the effects of the atmosphere. With newer telescopes like the OWL in the works, they will do better than Hubble could. Ironically, our spy agencies gave NASA not one, but two better orbital optical telescopes a couple of months back.

  7. AshburnStadium

    AshburnStadium said, almost 4 years ago

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned that the telescope was invented by Galileo in 1609.

  8. pschearer

    pschearer GoComics PRO Member said, almost 4 years ago

    You enjoy the cartoon your way and let us enjoy it ours.

  9. pschearer

    pschearer GoComics PRO Member said, almost 4 years ago


    Per Wikipedia, the first recorded telescope was in Holland a year before Galileo. His significance was being the first to use it to look at the sky. The ensuing fuss was because he threatened Church doctrine by showing that heavenly bodies were not perfect by being above this sin-filled physical realm.

  10. sundogusa

    sundogusa said, almost 4 years ago

    Actually the telescope came from Alley Oop, who in turn was gifted it in 1973 during one of his time travel trips.

  11. Lewis Linson

    Lewis Linson said, almost 4 years ago

    When I was little, I thought they put telescopes on mountains so they would be closer to the stars.

  12. Vegas Viper

    Vegas Viper said, almost 4 years ago


    It’s called Duck, Duck, Goose…

  13. goweeder

    goweeder said, almost 4 years ago

    “Geez, can’t you nerds just laugh and enjoy a comic strip instead of dissecting it?”
    No one’s forcing you to read the comments.

    Sometimes, I enjoy the comments more than the comic.
    But it’s not mandatory. You do have a choice
    — if you don’t like the comments, just don’t read them..

  14. Montana  Lady

    Montana Lady said, almost 4 years ago

    I haven’t laughed out loud in days!!!!!

  15. Jeff0811

    Jeff0811 said, almost 4 years ago

    I appreciate your comments, although one of the reasons I like this site is I invariably learn things, more often than not, from other posters here. If you would prefer to remain in your particular state of bliss, perhaps you should just read one comic and move on to the next one and not worry about what everyone else has to say, including me.

    I doubt anyone would learn anything from what I might have to say, I just post to provide tit for tat, (that means returning the favor, basically, I just like the word tat.)

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