Baldo by Hector D. Cantu and Carlos Castellanos


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  1. simpsonfan2

    simpsonfan2 said, over 1 year ago

    Think you have enough cereal there?

  2. Gigantor

    Gigantor said, over 1 year ago

    Oh, Baldo. Procrastination is never good.

    Hmm. I really should do that homework assignment from 30 years ago.

  3. Josh  Lyons

    Josh Lyons GoComics PRO Member said, over 1 year ago

    He’s been thinking about Yenny again (no doubt).

  4. Terri Brittingham

    Terri Brittingham said, over 1 year ago

    Uh- cereal, Baldo. Baldo- cereal! BALDO!!!!!!

  5. lavubua mcginty

    lavubua mcginty said, over 1 year ago

    Hey Papo, stop wasting comida.

  6. comicsssfan

    comicsssfan said, over 1 year ago

    This is how I was as a kid.

  7. swr

    swr said, over 1 year ago

    i once turned in a paper for my criminology class a year late,it was supposed to be on “all the presidents men” but i ask to do on early theories of criminal profiling in the comics, or the subtitle Lombroso meets the MoleMan. got a B+, with the note that no paper a year late deservses and A+.

  8. Gator007

    Gator007 said, over 1 year ago


    A little late now.

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