Arlo and Janis by Jimmy Johnson

Arlo and Janis

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  1. GR6

    GR6 said, 3 months ago

    News is still real?

  2. Varnes

    Varnes said, 3 months ago

    Old joke from Jay Leno. He asked his dad where the remote for the TV was and his dad got it out of a drawer. He asked him why he kept it in the drawer and he said he didn’t want catch anything on fire….

    GR6, Rumors at 11…..

  3. Agent54

    Agent54 said, 3 months ago

    teasers and video bites – check back at 11.

    than we will still waste your time and dance around the news.

  4. Arianne

    Arianne said, 3 months ago

    Is the head dead yet?
    Dirty Laundry

  5. Nos Nevets

    Nos Nevets said, 3 months ago

    TV: And that’s the news. Good Night.
    Me: And that’s the news? Good Night!

  6. doublepaw

    doublepaw said, 3 months ago

    Must be Faux News on.

  7. bawana

    bawana said, 3 months ago

    My pet peeve is the weather. They take what should be a 30-45 second spot and dance around the forecast for 5 or 6 minutes! Really? the entire news cast should take 15 minutes TOPS.

  8. doublepaw

    doublepaw said, 3 months ago

    In our area they show the temperature at cities five miles apart. "It is 68 at -, 68 at -, 67 at -, 69 at - etc.., Irritating especially when they are show the temps on screen at the same time.

  9. jbmlaw

    jbmlaw said, 3 months ago

    Whenever I see a reference to “Faux News,” I’m grateful the dummies identify themselves.

  10. Dr McCoy

    Dr McCoy said, 3 months ago


    You must live in southwestern Ohio!

  11. Q4horse

    Q4horse said, 3 months ago

    Its probably one of those celebrity news tabloid shows.

  12. KC

    KC said, 3 months ago

    It’s the fluff, human interest stories and teasers of the real news and weather that comes on 1/2 hour before the 6 o’clock news.

  13. don57

    don57 said, 3 months ago

    The real news doesn’t come on until The Daily Show and The Colbert Report

  14. woodrowfan

    woodrowfan GoComics PRO Member said, 3 months ago

    you know the boys in the newsroom got a running bet…

  15. Gokie5

    Gokie5 said, 3 months ago

    What got me was seeing my still-sentient, college-educated husband watching CNN’s nightly hours-long coverage of the missing Maylasian Flight 370. This went on night after night after night, and my husband would watch all the somber, zombie-faced talking heads advance minute factoids a millimeter or so, hour after hour after hour. I felt bad for the families of the missing people, but come on!

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