Nov 2, 2013
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doc: aha! hold still, oop! there's a butterfly on your head!
doc: this is the last specimen we needed! now we can get back home and let you recuperate! 
narrator: meanwhile...
mary: whew!! i made it!! villa diodati! safe at last! wait 'til percy and george hear about what i've witnessed!
mary: you won't believe what i've just seen! i...
george: but first, mary, let us tell you what we've decided to do during this horrid weather!
george: we're having a contest among the four of us to see who can write the best horror story, that is, if you care to join us!
mary: hmmmm... yes, and i believe i know exactly what i will write!
narrator: back in doc's 2013 time lab...
doc: i though you might be interested in this book, oop!
oop: why? what is it?
oop: frankenstein by mary shelley!
doc: it's the story of a doctor who creates a life by harnessing the powers of electricity! sound familier? any idea where she might have come up with the idea?
Nov 4, 2013
Small u 201701251613