Sep 28, 2013
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narrator: while climbing the vertical rock wall to get the plant growing at the top, oop's foot slips! watching from below, doc and mary both gasp out loud...
doc: hello? is someone there?
mary: now i've done it! he heard me gasp! 
doc: oop, are you all right?
oop: i'm fine! just a momentary slip!
mary: whew! he's distracted! maybe he'll forget he heard me!
doc: there you are! i knew i heard someone!
mary: please, dont hurt me!
doc: i can't really explain this thing to you, but i assure you it won't hurt you!
mary: well...
doc: there! let's forget about that gadget and start over!
narrator: meanwhile, above...
oop: made it! and there's that plant!
Sep 30, 2013
Small u 201701251613