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Alley Oop

By Jack and Carole Bender
Aug 24, 2013
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mary: you boys talk about electricity and the dead all you want! i'm going for a walk!
dr: do be careful, mary! this weather is frightfully bad!
mary: i wonder if percy and george arranged that to frighten me!
mary: oh, my! can it be?? i think there are people where that flash of light was!
mary: i must find out if those people are all right!
narrator: meanwhile, on the mountain...
oop: uh-oh, doc! i see a woman down there, an' i'm pretty sure she spotted us! is that gonna be a problem?
doc: no! all we need to do is collect our samples, and then we can get out of here!
oop: Brrrrr!! man, it's cold here, doc! why didn't you warn me?!
doc: very funny, oop! here put this stuff on, and you'll be fine!
Aug 26, 2013
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