Jun 8, 2013
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oop: what's wrong with people havin' some rights?
guz: who needs rights? as long as i'm the king and looking after the citizens of moo, they don't need any rights....
foozy: !
guz: ...other than the right to leave moo if they don't like it here!
narrator: meanwhile, in the pit...
wizer: so you're suggesting we plot to overthrow king guz? a 'putsch'? doowee: couldn't happen to a more deserving ruler, don't you think?
wizer: let's say a miracle occurs, and we get guz off the throne? who would take his place? 
doowee: i believe i'm looking at him!
doowee: all we have to do is rally the citizens of this fair land to rise up and take a stand against their despotic ruler!
wizer: and just how are we supposed to do that when we're stuck in this pit?
doowee: i think if i stood on your shoulders i could reach the top of the pit and climb out of here!
wizer: it looks like guz isn't the only crazy person around here!
Jun 10, 2013
Small u 201701251613