Apr 20, 2013
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guz: wizer, i know you got all kinds of powers, but th' way i see it, you can't do anything as long as you're in th' pit!
guz: you can use this time to think about what you did with those dinosaurs!
guz: keep a close watch on 'im! he's not going' anywhere for a long time!
earlie: yes, sir!
narrator: soon...
oop: hey there, guz! things have gotten pretty quiet! did you and wizer settle your differences?
guz: you might say that?!
oop: good! we can't afford t'have wizer mad at us!
guz: oh, i didn't say he's not mad! he's in th' pit!
guz: you don't need t'worry, oop! wizer can't hurt anyone as long as he's in the pit!
oop: are you saying you're gonna keep wizer in th' pit for the rest of his life?
guz: i hadn't really thought that through yet, but i've got no problem with that?!
oop: you really are crazy!
Apr 22, 2013
Small u 201701251613