Apr 13, 2013
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oop: aaaaagh!!! There's finally peace in the valley again! don'tcha love it, dinny!
wizer: guz! no!!
oop: i didn't hear anything! did you?
narrator: at the moovian palace...
wizer: guz! no!! you're choking me?
guz: you wouldn't be chokin' if you'd stop runnin' away!
earlie: do you need me to do anything?
guz: yes! take this man an' throw him in the pit!
wizer: what?!
wizer: wait! guz, can't we talk about this? don't i even get a trial?
guz: sure! you just had it!
guz: and this is the verdict!
wizer: aayyyeeee!!!
Apr 15, 2013
Small u 201701251613