Alley Oop by Jack and Carole Bender

Alley Oop

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  1. Rod Gonzalez

    Rod Gonzalez said, over 3 years ago

    Well, Wizer, you’d better confess.

    With that I bid all you wild and wooly Alleygators and Oopsters warm Hugg-a-pouncies!

  2. David53

    David53 said, over 3 years ago

    Those aren’t leaves, they are a flock of frightened butterflies.

  3. Fuddy Duddy

    Fuddy Duddy said, over 3 years ago

    Night-Gaunt49, a question – is your avatar your own creation?

  4. tundrasea

    tundrasea GoComics PRO Member said, over 3 years ago

    When I look at the leafy trees in my back yard, from several yards away, I can’t see the stems of the leaves. Some of them do seem to be floating in the air. I made a point of looking, after reading similar comments on this board. Granted, I can see larger branches, which do seem to be missing on the drawings in this strip.

    However, the depiction of trees in other strips is “unrealistic” in other ways — they are usually just shown as a blotch of green with a brownish trunk (when the artist bothers to include a background at all). If you were to just accept it as an artistic style, and let it go, it wouldn’t bother you any more.

  5. tundrasea

    tundrasea GoComics PRO Member said, over 3 years ago

    You’d have to ask a paleobotanist that. I do know that Dinny had to eat something.

    BTW, I just noticed that my earlier post uses “yard” in two different senses. Allow me to clarify: “When I look at the trees in my back garden, from several meters away …”.

  6. davidf42

    davidf42 said, over 3 years ago

    I don’t object to the leaves, necessarily. I just wish Jack would take the time and effort to do something different than just lazily photoshopping the same image all the time. He occasionally draws hills or trees in the background, which I think enhances the artwork a lot. But I still remember the detail of the backgrounds drawn by V.T. Hamlin and Dave Graue and wish I could see more of that.

  7. Crispy Bacon

    Crispy Bacon GoComics PRO Member said, over 3 years ago


    One of the biggest problems with Jacks leaves is they appear and disappear randomly even when it’s obvious that there are not even any trees nearby.

  8. Colonel Claus

    Colonel Claus said, over 3 years ago

    But Kudzu is everywhere…

  9. firebrand1

    firebrand1 said, over 3 years ago

    Winter Greetings to the Benders and the readers of Alley Oop. So the Wizer has a chance to come clean and admit that he caused the dinos to stampede. Guz has known him the longest and it remains to be seen if Wizer does the right
    thing by admitting what he did or will he twist it around and
    blame Alley and the Moovians for ignoring him, thus forcing him to use the dinos to get recognition. We shall see what

  10. billdi

    billdi GoComics PRO Member said, over 3 years ago

    they are the creepy floating leaves of lazy artwork.

  11. exturk

    exturk said, over 3 years ago

    Atta boy Wiz – put the blame on Alley!

  12. jhughey

    jhughey said, over 3 years ago


    Billdi, don’t you remember? The leaves go with the beginning of a multi-day dialogue between Gus and Wizer.
    The Benders will drag out Wizer’s confession over another week. Day after day after day, in each panel Wizer will interject expressions like: “Uhhh …”, “Well …”, “Actually …”, “but but …”, “I …uh”, “Yeah, but …” ………… etc … etc….
    Tune in next Friday for the next action panel …. hopefully.

  13. jhughey

    jhughey said, over 3 years ago

    Alright! It’s payback time!! More two-legged fireballs, Night-Gaunt! . ..

    More! More! Yeah!!!

  14. Seiko

    Seiko said, over 3 years ago

    At least we Oopsters can all hope perhaps he is sadder but wiser now?

  15. jhughey

    jhughey said, over 3 years ago


    Nah … The next time he is going to try raising a herd of Compsognathae like a flock of turkeys.

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