Alley Oop by Jack and Carole Bender

Alley Oop

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  1. Rod Gonzalez

    Rod Gonzalez said, about 2 years ago

    I was right about this week being exciting!

    After Sunday and Monday’s recap (if any), I can hardly wait for Tuesday, Oopsters!

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 said, about 2 years ago

    Alternate Alley Oop Chapter 17 “Deader Than Dead”(30) 3/2/2013 Saturday

    Panel One

    The vampire team are on the little train heading to where Alley Oop is ready to kill anyone getting in their way to get too the time traveling cave man. Their injuries are healing, faster with the blood they have taken.

    Panel Two

    Alley Oop joins the front line troops as they wait for the tram to arrive, the door won’t open for them to attack first. (SEBs at work controlling the mechanisms.)

    Panel Three

    The I.T. techs are busy trying to crack the hack into their systems to regain control of the lockdown. It is hard going considering the tech and the people behind it are every bit as good as those in the NSA. (Dr. Dark hires only the best, an pays them well for it.)

    Panel Four

    Just for fun, Brucutu is bringing along some of the weapons he found like grenades and a M-16k to just add to the horrors to come. He wants a body count to match his master’s anger.

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 said, about 2 years ago

    My portrail of Alley Oop is dashing and muscular but even he wouldn’t do what the Benders are having him do.

  4. Gweedo - It's legal here !!! -  Murray

    Gweedo - It's legal here !!! - Murray GoComics PRO Member said, about 2 years ago


    Is a portrail anything like a contrail ?

  5. jhughey

    jhughey said, about 2 years ago


    Yawn … Don’t worry, Wizer has been running 10 days now, so it will take the lizards another Bender week or two for them to make contact with Oop.
    This is sooooo exciting! I just can’t wait …to …. see … what …. happens … next ….. yawn …. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. Robert Landers

    Robert Landers said, about 2 years ago


    Why even bother to view a comic that puts you to sleep?

  7. Galimatias

    Galimatias said, about 2 years ago

    Will the dinosaurs eat Alley Oop like the lion is about to eat the Phantom?

  8. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 said, about 2 years ago

    @Gweedo - It's legal here !!! - Murray

    No, closer to retrail.

  9. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 said, about 2 years ago

    @Robert Landers

    Our whole point is that it use to be better than this, and it could be if they would put in better artist and writer.

  10. davidf42

    davidf42 said, about 2 years ago

    Hamlin would have given us four expertly drawn panels of dinosaurs fighting, biting, kicking clawing, screaming. Jack gives us one panel of childishly drawn dinosaurs running toward each other.

  11. Crispy Bacon

    Crispy Bacon said, about 2 years ago

    That Wizer is an amazingly fast runner. He proved it by outrunning all them dinos. Now he made it to the palace before the dinos even got to Oop.

  12. JPuzzleWhiz

    JPuzzleWhiz said, about 2 years ago

    I really hate to break this to you people, but…

    If you really want a better writer and artist, the thing to do is to write directly to GoComics. Groaning about it here on this message board won’t do one iota of good, because the only time GoComics reads any of these posts is when someone gets flagged.

  13. Unca Scrooge

    Unca Scrooge said, about 2 years ago

    Sure doesn’t look like the palace. Did it move?

  14. jmcx4

    jmcx4 said, about 2 years ago


    Now why did you bring up the Phantom? Now I gotta go check on him. I was saving that up until Monday. haha

  15. Nun'Ya Bidness

    Nun'Ya Bidness said, about 2 years ago


    I’m betting that this lioness is the one that the Phantom saved from the tazer that was implanted under her skin.

    Wizer sure is in good shape, outrunning all those hypnotized dinosaurs! Why is Alley Oop leaping off Dinny’s head into the tree? Will the tree be just high enough that the dinos can’t reach him but he’ll be able to whack them with his ax? And Dinny keep them busy until Alley can take care of them, right? We’ll find out Tuesday.

    NightGaunt, you’re building up the tension for the up coming battle.

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