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Alley Oop

By Jack and Carole Bender
Jan 19, 2013
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oop: what th' heck is goin' on over there? is that wizer cozyin' up to a t-rex? he's gonna get himself killed!
oop: key guz, have you noticed anything strange about wizer lately?
guz: wizer? no! come to think of it i haven't even seen wizer lately!
guz: what's strange about him?
oop: i just say him playin' around with a r-rex! i'm afraid he's gonna get himself hurt!
guz: i wouldn't worry about wizer! he's got all kinds o' magical powers! if somebody like you can handle a dinosaur, i'm sure he can!
oop: hey! was that an insult?
narrator: wizer starts the process of hypnotizing the t-rex...
wizer: all you have to do is concentrate on every word i say!
wizer: your mind is now under my control, and you will follow my every command!
narrator: more next week..
Jan 21, 2013
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