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Alley Oop

By Jack and Carole Bender
Jan 5, 2013
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wizer: typical- another big party in moo! selfish and immature, every last one of them!
thump thump!
wizer: all they care about is having parties!
wizer: and, of course is having parties!
wizer: and, of course, they never invite me!
wizer: i oughta teach all those moovians a lesson...but what?
wizer: hmmm... i wonder....
wizer: with a carefully blended selection of my powers of hypnosis...
wizer: ....i could gain control over that t-rex's pea- brain mind and control his every move!
wizer: why, i could create an army of dinosaurs and send them to attach moo! 
more next week....
Jan 7, 2013
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