Dec 31, 2011
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umpa: how dare you kiss ooola!
guz: but, honey, i can explain!
oop: i think i should take you someplace safe, ooola!
lola: ?
lola: i don't understand what's happening, alley! why is this woman so angry with zoo and why does zoo keep calling me ooola?
oop: lola, the first thing you need to understand is...
oop: that's not zoo!
lola: that's not zoo?@@ but...
oop: lola, i never got a chance to explain to you about this place, but we're in moo...not ytopia! ytopia's a long, long way from here!
lola: but he looks just like zoo!
oop: yes, but ytopia is exactly like moo! even the people look like the people in moo!
oop: that wasn't zoo you saw! that's guz, moo's king!
lola: i can't take this anymore! please alley, why can't you take me back to ytopia?
oop: because ytopia is on another planet!
lola: sob!
ooola: alley oop!!
 how dare you??!
Jan 2, 2012
Small u 201701251613