Aug 24, 2013
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Adam:  Does it feel humid in here?
Laura:  Maybe. Why?
Adam:  My arm hair feels frizzy.  Uh-oh. It's getting warmer. The a/c must not be working.
Katy:  Oh no! I thought it was hot!
Clayton:  What do we do?
Katy:  I'm very sensitive to temperature changes!!
Clayton:  How warm will it get? Will all of our candles melt??
Katy:  We have to ration the ice cubes!!
Laura:  I think our kids are soft.
Clayton:  It's 77 degrees! Save the dog and I'll call for hotel reservations!
Katy:  Put frozen peas on your head! It helps!
Aug 26, 2013
Small u 201701251612

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